PCB Printed Circuit Board Laser Marking Machine

  • PCB Printed Circuit Board Laser Marking Machine
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PCB Printed Circuit Board Laser Marking Machine
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PCB Fiber laser marking machine uses high energy density laser beam to irradiate the workpiece surface locally, so that the surface material vaporizes rapidly or changes its color, thus revealing the deep material, or causing the chemical and physical changes of the surface material to engrave traces, or burning part of the material by light energy, showing the required etching graphics and text.

Optional Automatic Marking System, according your requirement. We support customization.

PCB Printed Circuit Board Laser Marking Machine 


PCB laser marking machine is used for marking information such as one-dimensional code, two-dimensional code and text on the PCB board. After the marking is completed, the self-test is performed, and the information is returned. No manual operation is required in the production process, and the SMT production line can be operated online, or With the automatic upper and lower board machine to form an off-line workstation, single or double-sided marking can be achieved.


Fully automatic machining: CCD positioning is fast and accurate, and can be automatically recognized after marking is completed

High processing precision: the repeatability of the whole machine can reach ±0.1mm

Large processing width: processing width up to 460X510mm

High production efficiency: automatic adjustment of track height and automatic focus adjustment, shortening line change time, with waste board identification function, preventing replay

Easy to operate software: visual interface, easy to operate, fast programming, flexible docking data system

Hardware Configuration:

Laser: CO2/Fiber/Green/UV

Vision system: CCD positioning, self-test and rating

Motion platform: high-precision linear motion module, belt conveyor track

Automation: automatic adjustment of track width; and can be equipped with electric focusing system

Auxiliary device: standard smoke purifier for laser processing

Communication interface: standard SMEMA interface





PCB Size



PCB Thickness


PCB Height

Top 25mm, bottorm 15mm

Laser Wavelength


Repeat Frequency


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pcb marking machine

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