20W Fiber Laser Marking Machine With IPG Laser Source CN-FW20-I3

  • 20W Fiber Laser Marking Machine With IPG Laser Source CN-FW20-I3
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20W Fiber Laser Marking Machine With IPG Laser Source CN-FW20-I3
  • Kunshan, Jiangsu, China
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The laser is output by fiber laser, and the marking function is realized by high speed scanning galvanometer system.

High efficiency of optical fiber laser marking, air cooling, small size, good output beam quality and high reliability.Engraving metal materials and some non-metallic materials, mainly used in the depth, smoothness and fineness requirements of the field.

We have a rice experience develop department for developing laser machines.

Optional Automatic Marking System, according your requirement. We support customization.

20W Fiber Laser Marking Machine With IPG Laser Source

Series: CN-FW20-I3

Fiber Laser Marking Machine  Introduce

Fiber Laser Marking Machine  has become a hot topic in laser physics research in recent years.Fiber laser is refers to the element with rare earth doped glass fiber as gain medium laser, fiber laser can be developed on the basis of the optical fiber amplifier: within the optical fiber under the action of the pump are high power density, causing the laser working substances of laser level "population inversion", as appropriate to join the positive feedback loop (a cavity) can form a laser oscillation output .Optical fiber laser marking machine is to use laser beam to mark a variety of different material surface permanently.Marking effect is to reveal deep matter through evaporation of surface material, or to "engrave" marks through physical changes of surface material caused by light energy, or to burn off part of the material by light energy, showing patterns, words, bar codes and other kinds of patterns needed to be etched.

Product Function

  1. The machine can marking in a variety of material surface in English, digital, trademark, serial number, batch number, specifications and other vector and bitmap graphic product identification.

  2. Full computer input and output, based on the Windows interface can be achieved under any graphics, text, digital mixed type setting so that one-time marking.

  3. To achieve the graphics, text and other technical parameters need to change one by one or incremental marking.

  4. Suitable for multi-species, small and medium-volume production and large quantities of online production.

  5. To achieve a contactless processing, no noise.

Industry Application

  1. Mobile phone battery labels, panels, phone keys, small daily necessities accessories

  2. Ceramic, PE material laser marking: electronics, component packaging, IC, and so on.

  3. Plastic products: serial number for electrical shell, electronic products, LOGO, and so on.

  4. Metal and metal surface: stainless steel, copper, aluminum and oxidation plating, commonly used in hardware, daily necessities, electrical appliances, mobile phone shell

  5. Keyboard and buttons: keyboard, buttons and other exquisite marking.

  6.  Suitable for paper, wood, glass, leather and other materials.

Fiber Laser Marking Machine  Sample

mark system

Technical Parameters

Technical Specification



Max Laser Power


Laser Wave Length


Pulse Repetition Frequency


Marking Depth


Marking Range



Marking Line Speed


Min Line Width


Min Word


Repeated Accuracy


Power Requirement


CE Certificate
CE Certificate
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