Medical Large Stent Laser Cutting Machine

  • Medical Large Stent Laser Cutting Machine
Medical Large Stent Laser Cutting Machine
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Medical Large Stent Laser Cutting Machine
CN-BSLC300 Series

Medical Large Stent Laser Cutting Machine 

Precision Cutting

●Small slit width:20~30um
●High cutting precision:≤±5um
●High cutting quality:No burrs, smooth cuts
●High processing efficiency:One-time cut through the single side wall, continuous automatic feed prcessing

Strong Adaptability

●Support laser dry cutting wet cutting, drilling,digging blind trench and fine processing for larg diameter stent and thick-walled large stent
●Can process 316L, Ni-Ti, L605, Fe, Mg-Al, Zn and other metal materials
●Diverse combined precision tube clamping system, automatic micro tube clamping and feeding with adaptive shape tolerance change
●With continuous automatic feeding processing, receiving and pipe automatic up and down options

●ECAD and laser processing CAM software

Flexible Design

● exquisite appearance

● precision visual online video monitoring of processing

● flexible function matching, support personalized function customization

● Support for innovative design from the component level to the system level

● intuitive interface, simple operation

Technology certification

Three Axis Precision Laser Cutting Machine for Medical Stent  Sample

laser cutting machine

 Technical Parameters:

Technology Specification

Max Running Speed


Position Accuracy


Repeat Position Accuracy


Minimum cut seam width

15um(Kerf:20um~30 um);

Processing Material

316L、Ni-Ti、L605、Fe、Mg-Al、Zn and other metal

Length of tube blank


Processing of wall thickness

0~1.0±0.01 mm;

Single processing range


Laser Type

Fiber Laser Source

Laser Wavelength

1064nm± 10nm

Laser Power

300W( 500W optional)

Machine Size




System/Compliant Format


Laser Machine Produce Details
Laser Machine Produce Details
Precision Cutting Processing Line
Precision Cutting Processing Line
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