Five Axis Fiber Continuous Laser Welding Machine

  • Five Axis Fiber Continuous Laser Welding Machine
Five Axis Fiber Continuous Laser Welding Machine
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Laser Welder System include all kinds of fiber laser welding series.
If customer need choose which type will be suitable, need contact with us and show us your welding requirement. We can recommend right machine for you.
The heat in the surface through the heat conduction spread into the inside, through the digital precise control laser pulse width, energy, peak power and repetition frequency and other parameters, so that the workpiece melting, format the specific pool, in order to achieve laser welding for workpiece, to complete the precision welding that traditional process can not be achieved.

Five Axis Fiber Continuous Laser Welding Machine 

Laser Welder System Introduce:

1. Fiber continuous welding machine is a high-end, new type of welding method. It is generally composed of a "welding host" and a "welding table". The laser beam is coupled to the fiber, and after being transmitted over a long distance, it is processed into parallel light. Focusing on the workpiece to carry out continuous welding, the welding effect is stronger and the weld seam is more fine and beautiful due to the continuity of the light output. According to the different needs of different industries, the equipment can meet the needs of users in different industries according to the matching shape and workbench on the production site and the automation work.

2.Fiber laser is mainly composed of pump source, coupler, fiber doped with rare earth elements, resonant cavity and other components. Pump sources are used by one or more of the high power laser diode array, the pump from the special pump structure coupled into the fiber as gain medium rare earth doped element, pump wavelength of the photon is absorbed by the doped fiber media, form the population inversion and stimulated radiation wavelengths by the resonator mirror feedback and oscillation laser output

Product Technology Parameter

Performance indicators and technical parameters




Single Model MFSC-2000W

Output Power

100% Continuous

Power Regulation Rage


Center Wavelength


Output fiber core


Fiber Laser Length


Fiber Line Bending radius


Control Way

PC control, HD CCD + red light positioning, 

teaching programming

Working Station

Single Working Station



Working Area X .Y. Z(mm)


Position Precision (mm)


Repeat Position Precision(mm)


Working Table Load Weight(KG)


Working Table Weight(KG)


Power Supply


Total Power


Work Environment


Relative Humidity


Cooling Type


Working Table Size



Laser Welder

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