Hypo-tube Precision Cutting Machine

  • Hypo-tube Precision Cutting Machine
Hypo-tube Precision Cutting Machine
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  • 10 Sets Per Day

We supply the precision laser cutting tube machine. Medical devices laser cutting technology.
Hypo tube precision burr free laser cutting M/C

Hypo-tube laser cutting machine


1.      Precision Cutting

Small slit width:20-40um

High cutting precision: ≤5um

High cutting quality:  No burrs, smooth cuts

High processing efficiency:  One-time cut through the single side wall, continuous automatic feed processing

2.      Strong Adaptability

Support centripetal opening featured laser cutting, drilling and fine processing

Hypo-tube laser cutting machine can process 304,316L,Ni-Ti,L605 and other metal materials

Hypo-tube laser cutting machine can process precision instruments with equal diameter tube

Has continuous automatic feeding processing and pipe automatic up and down solution options

Open ECAD and laser processing CAM software

3.      Flexible Design

Exquisite appearance

Flexible function collocation, support personalized function customization

Support innovative design from component level to system level

Intuitive interface , simple operation

4.      Technical Certification : CE ISO9001

Technical Parameters:

Max operating speed300mm/s(x); 600rpm(θ);100mm/s(z)
Positioning Accuracy±2um(x); ±15arcsec(θ);±3um(z)
Repositioning Accuracy±0.5um(x); ±3arcsec(θ);±1um(z)
Min slit width15um(kerf:16um~20um)
Processing material304、316L、Ni-Ti、L605  and other metal material
Tube blank length<2.5m
Processing wall thickness0~0.3±0.02mm
Machining pipe diameterΦ0.3~Φ7.5±0.02mm
Single processing range0-300mm(longer products will be processed by piecewise splicing)
Laser typeFiber Laser
CapacityStandard configuration: 100W (200W,250W,500W optional)
Power Supply220V±10%;50Hz; AC 15A (main circuit breaker)
Compatible file formatDXF, DWG

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