Fiber Laser Cutting Machine for Metal Sheet

  • Fiber Laser Cutting Machine for Metal Sheet
Fiber Laser Cutting Machine for Metal Sheet
  • Kunshan, Jiangsu, China
  • 15 Days
  • 10 Sets Per Month

Fiber laser cutting machine has been passed the European CE, the United States UL and other relevant international quality standards certification, the products are exported to Europe and the United States, southeast Asia, South Asia, the Middle East and other countries and regions.
500W/1000W/1500W/2000W/3000W Fiber laser cutting machine with high precision, speed fast, smooth incision and other advantages, which can effectively save processing materials, reduce processing costs.

Fiber Laser Cutting Machine for Metal Sheet

Open Type Fiber Laser Cutting Machine With Screw Guide Rail 

Open screw guide fiber laser cutting machine is the integration of domestic and foreign advanced laser application technology, integrated domestic and international market and customer needs and the development of high-end laser cutting equipment.

Product Function

1. The laser, cutting head, screw with grinding screw, servo motor and other key components are imported famous brands.

2. The machine tool is box structure, plate welding, can be used to maintain perennial deformation.

3. The leading cutting process, for example: cut diameter of 2mm round on 4mm carbon steel, cut diameter of 2.5mm round on 5mm carbon steel.

4. Cutting precision, accuracy error less than 0.1mm.

5. Advanced perforation mode, the plate can be quickly perforated cutting, saving cutting time.

6. Cutting quality is good, no need to complete the second processing cut.

7. The visual automatic follow-up system in domestic top , to achieve a key calibration, automatic follow.

8. Easy to operate, CAD graphics can be imported into the processing, can save the data to save the memory. 

Industry Application

Widely used in sheet metal processing, advertising signs production, high and low voltage electrical cabinet production, mechanical parts, kitchen utensils, automobiles, machinery, metal crafts, saw blades, electrical parts, glasses industry, spring, circuit boards, Electronics, hardware, knives and other industries.

Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Sample

Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

Technical Parameters

Technology Specification



Processing Area( Long*Weight)


X Axle Travel


Y Axle Travel


Z Axle Travel


X/Y Axle Positioning Accuracy


X/Y Axle Repeat Position Accuracy 


Max Acceleration


Cutting Thickness


Laser Power


Control System



Red Light

Total Power


Power Supply


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