Co2 Laser Engraving Machine


There are many series of laser engraving machines, such as engraving machines, marking machines, cutting machines, and machines with both two kinds of functions.

Therefore, in the selection, we must choose good quality and appropriate equipment and machines. The selection method can refer to the following aspects:

1. The size of products processed will be influence the laser engraving machine size choose, but should pay attention to machine wide big is not necessarily good, because the large-format equipment, of course, more expensive, and some of the poor quality of machinery and equipment of each point on the surface of the sharp degree of the average laser output is not stable, the carving products shades of the same table, so choose the most appropriate format is correct. 

2. What material should be engraved on: According to the different laser produced, laser engraving machine can be divided into YAG and CO2. YAG is for the application of metal products, while CO2 is for the application of non-metal products.

3. Product content to be processed: It can be divided into carving, cutting and marking in different ways. Basically, some are special machines and some have multiple functions, which should be selected according to the main requirements.

4. Speed of engraving: More products can be produced at a faster rate in a shorter period of time to create higher profits.

5. laser tube power: in accordance with the carved material and content is different, should choose appropriate of laser tube wattage, such as acrylic and double color boards carving don't need too big of laser tube power, but such as wood and stone carving and any material cutting may need a high power laser tube, can only be received get twice the result with half the effort effect.

6. precision engraving: laser engraving and traditional carving equipment and hand carving is different is high precision.

7. after sales maintenance service: after sales maintenance service of machinery and equipment is very important, when you buy equipment, you need to ask the manufacturer to know the time limit of after sales maintenance.

laser engraving machine

The above aspects should be paid attention to in the selection, hope they can help you.

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